Lori Will Enlighten and Entertain Your Audience

Lori’s reputation as an engaging keynote speaker is well deserved. Audiences applaud her style, knowledge and down-to-earth perspective. Her expertise covers a wide and diverse range of workplace issues, including culture, organizational performance, team building, strengths management, leadership and human potential. She will create a custom presentation that pinpoints your specific issues. Invite Lori to speak once and chances are, you’ll invite her back.

Lori Stohs Speaking About Human Capital Optimization


“Time and again, Lori sees the blind spots people don’t see about themselves or their teams. It’s a unique talent that very few people possess. She can quickly read a situation and uncover where the problems exist.” - Rick Smith, Account Executive, Interface

“Lori has an ability to really understand human beings and the best way to use them within an organizational structure. She is almost always 100% on target.” - John Birge, Founding Principal, RDG

Speaking Topics

Human Capital Optimization

Start with your business strategy and learn how to align your people strategy to achieve the business outcomes you desire.

Maximizing Human Capital in Your Organization

Create clarity within your organization structure, define roles and learn how to hire the right talent. Learn how to get more from your organization’s most valuable asset: your people.

Increasing Your Team's Effectiveness

Teamwork and collaboration are critical in today’s environment. Learn the strengths of your team and where your gaps lie.

The Human Capital Movement

Discover how you can take your organization’s impact beyond the organization and into society.

Changing the Brand of HR

Are you seen as a HR administrator or an HR partner? Learn how to show the value of human resources so you have a voice at the table.

Succession Planning

Are you ready for your leadership transition? Learn how to prepare and plan for major organizational changes.

Developing High-Potential Leaders

Identify and invest in the existing and future leaders of your organization. Learn how you can help them stay engaged and flourish.

Managing for Performance

Are there aspects of being a manager that drive you crazy? Learn how your personal management style can help you be more effective.

Strengths Discovery

Do you know your Gallup Strengths but aren’t sure how to use them? Application will lead to achievement. Learn how to capitalize on your results in both your personal and professional lives.

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