Why Lori?

Lori’s style is unique. One client would say, “There is something about Lori...” but you can’t put your finger on it. She has a style that’s instinctive and some would say a bit clairvoyant. Another would say, “She is a business person who understands the people side and challenges the way organizations look at their human capital.” She knows HR, but not in a traditional way.

As an early advocate and practitioner of the positive psychology and strengths movement, Lori provides an innate understanding of how you can expand your natural talent to a new level. By applying proven psychological theory and finely-honed intuition, she generates positive change—and connections—in the workplace, benefiting employees and organizations. Her clients applaud her as a dynamic force who quickly strikes at the heart of a problem, sees through layers of complexity, motivates action and provides the skills required for organizational success.

Her interest in human performance began 18 years ago when she worked at The Gallup Organization, where the strengths concept was born. Because she was at the leading edge of the movement, she was driving change through talent maximization before most people even knew it was possible.

Lori brings a unique multi-faceted perspective to workplace challenges. As a builder, she has built, not only organizations, but people. She’s built successful teams and individual leaders beyond where they ever expected to be. By delving deep beneath the surface, she discovers key strengths and weaknesses of organizations and individuals. From this discovery, she creates a highly functioning, consistent, productive organization.

One of Lori’s outstanding—and most dynamic—strengths is her role as a coach. For years she has coached companies from all over the globe and individuals from all walks of life, moving them to higher levels of performance. Whether she’s coaching an individual or an organization, she delivers insightful and profound guidance to help them with everything from navigating change to achieving clarity, from making critical decisions and improving employee relations to boosting personal satisfaction. Her coaching plans are tailor-made for each individual or organization based on unique needs, situations and aspirations. She customizes her coaching plan to reflect the unique needs, situation and aspirations of each individual or team.

Lori’s success as a coach is the result of her innate tendency to be a natural connector. She sees many connections or disconnections others cannot. By connecting the right people with a specific strategy, she can help maximize performance and break down the barriers that prevent success. What’s holding you—or your team—back? Lori can tell you and guide you to releasing your full potential.

Lori’s own self-discovery journey and need for purpose allows her to connect very naturally with others. She has achieved a new level of consciousness around what matters in our world today. It’s not just the business mind or the intuitive sense of people. It’s human capital consciousness—the power, soul and heart of an organization.

Beyond her work in corporations and large startups, Lori is compassionate about fulfilling the mission of nonprofit organizations. As a founding member of three nonprofit and serving on the boards of various nonprofits organizations, Lori strives to use the same philosophy she uses in profit-based organizations in nonprofits to make an impact in our society and our communities today.

Lori’s unique ability to identify challenges and create change comes from many years of experience in the human capitalization movement. It is the result of her innate appreciation and understanding of people, and her belief that every person—every organization—deserves to be successful, fulfilled and productive. Her years of working with individuals and corporate teams have honed her ability to break a group of individuals down by their strengths, immediately recognizing potential pitfalls and unrecognized opportunities for success. Her approach is direct but not critical.

The proof of her effectiveness can be found in the breadth of the organizations and individuals—across all industries around the globe—that she has inspired, motivated and transformed, including: Union Pacific, Interface, Gensler, RDG Planning & Design, Home Instead Senior Care, ConAgra Foods and Huckabee. Her rare combination of experience, talents and innate abilities make her a dedicated and proven ally for anyone who strives to achieve more.

Making a hire without Lori Stohs is like closing your eyes while riding a bicycle and hopping on the freeway, without realizing there is a better way to arrive at your destination. Lori has changed the way we work together professionally and culturally. I had no idea how much better it could get.

- Lindsey Rai Reasner, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha

Lori has a mastery that is uncommon.

- Doug Wilwerding, Managing Principal, The Optimas Group, LLC

Lori has an intuition that you almost can't identify. She is able to read situations and individuals quickly with deep insight. From the individual level to teams, this is powerful.

- Rick Smith, Account Executive, Interface

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